[B] category -Women


Category [B] is made up of women. They have all rather long hair, at least longer than shoulder length, but sometimes even floor length. They usually wear an Irish ribbon knot (with one exception, where the woman is wearing a hat). The dress is long and is sometimes combined with an apron and a cape. The feet are visible but very seldom the ankles. The attributes are: horn, fibula, ornamented cape, and necklace.

This category has two subcategories: [B-I] which comprises all women with a horn.

image of a woman [B-I-1]

A woman with a horn in front of her face. She is wearing a richly decorated cape and a complicated Irish Ribbon knot [B-I-1]

[B-II] consisting of women without a horn but with necklace, fibula or cape.

Guldgubber depicting a woman with a necklace.

A woman with
a two-row bead necklace;
her arms are not
visible and she is not
displaying any gestures.