I want to share my articles and research with more than a select audience, so here is the download area, where you can download my articles, my phd, and my masterthesis for free. If you use any of my articles, quote me, that is all I request from you.

Not all of my articles are in English though, I am working on translating my phd, but that will take a time. The catalouge of my phd will work for anyhow, though it is in English. It lists all guldgubber up to 2008 and categorizes them. Feel free to use it in your research.

You find the German catalouge HERE. The original you will download will look like this:


Catalogue in German

Catalogue in German

This would be in English, at least the categories, look like this:

Catalogue English

Catalogue English

Categories and subcategories are explained on this website, so I refer to that until I come up with a translated catalogue. I appologize for the inconvenience.

The phd was published online, but misses vital parts of my research, so here is the unofficial, but complete version

Guldgubber – Einblicke in die Völkerwanderungszeit. Inaugural Dissertation Sharon Ratke


My master thesis, concentrating on guldgubber as legal documents, can be downloaded here. It is in German though.

Relationen zwischen Rechtsgesten und bildlichen Darstellungen auf Guldgubbern. Sharon Ratke 2003

From 2006, Rudolf Simek and my article at the Conference Vägar till Midgard on the legal context of the guldgubber.

Sharon Ratke und Rudolf Simek: Guldgubber – Relics of pre-christian law rituals? In: Anders Andrén, Kristina Jennbert und Catharina Raudvere (Hrsg): Old Norse Religion in long term perspective. Origins, changes, and interactions. 2004 Lund: Nordic Academic Press, 2006 (= Vägar till Midgård) p. 259-264

Here is an English overview of guldgubber by Rudolf Simek and me.

Guldgubber – an overview

Latest article from 2009. A nice summary of all the research done on guldgubber by me.

Guldgubber – a glimpse into the Vendel Period Lund Archaeological Review 15-16 ( 2009 -2010) , p. 129-160