About me

Who am I? Well, I am Sharon and I love archaeology and writing.

I devoted my master thesis and my phd to guldgubber and wanted to devote a website to them as well, as they are a very fascinating artefact category.

I am the daughter of an Australian German love with a love for old things.

Graduating in old German literature, I wrote my master and phd thesis on the subject of guldgubber. All of the pictures displayed here were taken by me on Bornholm with special Thanks to Finn Ole Nielsen, who was so nice as to let me take those photos. For further information, I can only recommend to visit not only the Bornholms Museum, but also the island for real, as it is lovely.

My phd has gone online in 2009 and can be downloaded here, but it is German. At the end of the phd, there is a catalouge of all existing guldgubber with a picture, a reference number and where it was found. If you need to work with guldgubber, go ahead and download the phd, because the pictures will work even, if you do not understand the German text.

Currently I am working on a shorter English version of my phd, but that will take some time to complete.

My interests and hobbies are writing and writing a lot, sometimes I occupy my hands with knitting. I adore my cats, love to listen to music, dance, and if I have some quiet time, I enjoy a good book.

Some of my publications:

Sharon Ratke: Guldgubber – a Glimpse into the Vendel Period. Lund Archaeological Review 15-16 ( 2009 -2010) , p. 129-160

Sharon Ratke und Rudolf Simek: Lagarnas gester och ritualer – nya rön i tolkningen av guldgubbarna In: Anders Andrén und Peter Carelli (Hrsg): Odens öga – mellan människor och makter i det förkristna Norden. Helsingborg: Dunkers Kulturhus, 2006 (= Skrifter nr 6) p. 184-189

Sharon Ratke und Rudolf Simek: Guldgubber – Relics of pre-christian law rituals? In: Anders Andrén, Kristina Jennbert und Catharina Raudvere (Hrsg): Old Norse Religion in long term perspective. Origins, changes, and interactions. 2004 Lund: Nordic Academic Press, 2006 (= Vägar till Midgård) p. 259-264

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